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24 Hour Emergency AC Repair Near Me

an hvac system on the exterior of the house

When an emergency occurs

Are we ever ready for Emergency ac repair? Can you think of anything worse than have guests arriving soon for a summer gathering, then realize the AC isn’t working? Well, an unexpected roof leak that requires emergency roof repair would top that, but neither one of those scenarios is something any homeowner wants to experience.

Heater and ac service are one of the things that every homeowner doesn’t think about needing as an emergency, but when we need it, we’re glad to know that 24/7 ac repair is available. Before you’re in a panic situation, take the time to Google “What Emergency commercial ac repair near me?” and have that contractor interviewed and number on hand for quick contact. By getting this contact in line before you need it, you can also find out how much is emergency ac repair so that you don’t have sticker shock with the hot sweat.

Today, our topic is on Emergency ac repair, and what comes with that when it does happen.

Air conditioning repair

An air conditioner has several components and moving parts, the perfect combination for problems. There are some areas of emergency ac repair that get have more service over others though, meaning that they are usually worked more than the other parts.  What are the most common service calls findings?

  • The Compressor – this a complex and important part of your air conditioning is the compressor. The main job of this part is to pressurize the refrigerant, allowing heat to be released.  The compressor has a motor of its own and a lot of electrical wiring. This is a hard-working part of your AC, which means it is fairly likely to have problems develop. Typical emergency ac repair problems of the compressor are electrical or motor. Because refrigerant is what runs the compressor, it can only be serviced by a certified technician.
  • The Fan – there are two fans inside an air conditioner: the blower or evaporator fan, and the condenser fan, that is found in the outdoor part of the AC unit. The condenser fan job is to remove the heat from the system as the indoor blower presses cool air into the ductwork. The common emergency ac repair problems that HVAC unit can develop are the belts, blades, or motor problems.
  • The Refrigerant – your air conditioner unit needs refrigerant in order to cool. A common emergency ac repair call is refrigerant has leaked out. The question is – where? This is why a professional AC repair technician is needed. They have the equipment, materials, and processes to help them find the leak and repair it when they do. If you run your ac unit with low, or worse, no refrigerant, it can damage other components in your system.

Emergency air conditioner

When the weather is hot outside and the air conditioner isn’t keeping up with cooling the house, that is an emergency at hand. What really constitutes as an emergency ac repair though in the world of AC technicians?

You need to call your trusted AC repair contractor immediately if you notice any of the following issues with your air conditioning system:

  • Strange Noises: An air conditioner should be rather quiet unless it wasn’t installed properly, or it is an older unit. However, if you hear an unusual screeching, this can be an indication of something wrong. It could be nothing more than the fan belt came loose or it could be something as expensive as the compressor going out.  Either way, it is an emergency ac repair because the longer it is allowed to run, the more damage it can cause.
  • Air Not Flowing: If your air conditioner unit kicks on but you aren’t feeling any air, or if you never hear it kick on at all, this may indicate a major failure in the system. There is a host of possible problems and the experience of an AC technician is needed to determine the problem, which is an emergency ac repair.
  • Unusual Odors: If your air conditioning unit has a burning smell, it is likely to be an electrical problem, which could be a damaged component inside the unit that could actually be on fire. When an AC system has an odor like that, it is definitely an emergency ac repair.

Emergency HVAC near me

When you need to make that emergency ac repair phone call, but you haven’t found a company to have on file, or they aren’t available, a search on the internet is one of the fastest ways to find an HVAC service company. You can also check with your neighbors, since they are right there, or call family and friends for recommendations.  If you do have a relationship with an AC company and they aren’t available for your AC emergency repair, you can ask for recommendations.

24-hour emergency ac repair near me

The same process as we discussed above for finding emergency HVAC near you will work for 24-hour AC emergency repair too, with one exception. Not all companies offer 24/7/365 emergency service.  Offering emergency service may only be for weekdays but not evenings, weekends and certainly not holidays.

It is best, as we have said, to take the time to connect a relationship with an AC repair company before you have an emergency.  You can have a number on hand, you can have an idea of costs and a name ahead of time will make an emergency less panic.

a contractor servicing an AC due to emergency issues

What Can You Expect With A 24-hour ac repair Call?

The technician should first address the problem created the need for an ac emergency repair call and then examine that particular area.  After that, the following steps should take place:

  • Clean and Checkup: They will turn the unit on, provided it turns on, and confirm if the water is dripping as it should. They then check for any pipes or tubes leaking inside the unit as they allow the system to drain. They remove debris and dirt and do general but thorough cleaning. 
  • Cleaning Fin and Air Filter: Air conditioners collect a lot of debris and dirt as it operates. The technician will include the fin and air filter as part of the cleaning process to make sure there is nothing clogging the system, including removing any mold.
  • Cleaning AC Evaporator and Condenser Fan: The technician will clean dust and mold from the condenser and evaporator fan, both inside and outside components.
  • Check Coolant Level: Checking the coolant level is done next, which often fixes many AC emergency repairs.
  • Clean AC Evaporator and Condenser Coil: During the service call, the air conditioning tech will clean the condenser and evaporator coil and all key components.
  • Inspect Overall System: Once the technician has addressed all the points and the customer’s primary concern, they will do an overall inspection to make sure they have touched every part and address any concerns.

Getting emergency AC repair is simple with Top Gun Heating And Air, LLC. Call us today at (682) 214-0431 for all of your ac needs in North Richland Hills, TX!

Do I Need Air Conditioner Maintenance?

Air Conditioning Maintenance Being Performed.

When to maintain your air conditioner

Many homeowners tend to overlook yearly air conditioning maintenance. The truth is, scheduling maintenance calls with a team of expert technicians ensures the long lifespan of your system.

However, many folks end up calling technicians when their systems malfunction and there’s no turning back when you’re in need of costly repairs or replacements. Throughout this article, we’re going to discuss the most frequently asked questions regarding air conditioning maintenance to help you discern when it’s time to call your technicians!

What maintenance does an air conditioner need?

You may be asking, “why should I be spending money on a maintenance call if nothing’s wrong?” Well, the proper maintenance of your system will ensure it is working efficiently and maintains a long lifespan. This is why throughout the maintenance call, technicians will check the air conditioner filters, the coils, the coil fins, condensate drains, and much more. These inspections will many times require the help of a professional with a sharp eye to recognize any malfunctioning parts or issues within your system.

How often should the air conditioner be serviced?

Air conditioners today do much more than keep you cool and fresh during the summer. Nowadays, air conditioners include anti-dust filters, stabilizers, and auto-adjust temperature features so that you can personalize your comfort throughout the day. And just like any other piece of equipment air conditioners need to be regularly maintained to ensure peak performance. It’s recommended that every homeowner schedules a maintenance call yearly.

How do you clean the air conditioning unit?

If you’re looking to clean the indoor unit, follow these steps:

  1. Replace the air filter
  2. Turn off the power of the blower
  3. Open the blower compartment
  4. Check for mold
  5. Clean the drain tube

To clean the outside unit:

  1. Shut down the power
  2. Vacuum the condenser fins
  3. Unscrew the grill located on top of the unit
  4. Inspect for lubrication ports
  5. Lower a hose into the empty unit
  6. Reassemble to finish.

Remember, if you think air conditioning maintenance may be a complicated task. Call the experts at Top Gun Heating And Air, LLC at (682) 214-0431.

What does an AC tune-up include?

A tune-up for your AC includes the following:

  • Cleaning of condenser coils.
  • Coolant level evaluation.
  • Complete calibration of the thermostat. Verification to ensure proper operation.
  • Thorough ductwork inspection.
  • Inspection and tightening of electrical connections.
  • Performance evaluation

How do I know if my air conditioner needs maintenance?

The following are some of the signs that your air conditioning system is begging for a maintenance call:

  • The system is delivering warm air.
  • There is insufficient airflow coming out of the AC.
  • The system is going through frequent cycles, meaning that it is turning on or off or speeding up not according to the weather.
  • High humidity. If you experience humidity indoors when the AC is running, there is a problem.
  • Leaks. If you notice water leaks, this means that refrigerant or other liquids are being lost. This needs to be inspected.

How do you know if your AC needs refrigerant?

This is a very common question from our clients and the truth is, your air conditioner shouldn’t ever need more refrigerant. It’s not like the gas you would use up in a car. If your system were to require more refrigerant, this means you are dealing with a leak.

Here are 5 signs that may indicate your AC is in need of more refrigerant:

  • Exorbitant energy bills.
  • Air delivered from the system is not cold and it is rather warm.
  • You have noted ice on your refrigerant lines on the outdoor unit.
  • Your air conditioner is making strange sounds such as hissing or bubbling.
  • There is a leak that hasn’t been taken care of.

Why is my AC running but not cooling?

Another very common problem is an AC that is running but not really doing its job – which is cooling. There could be a few reasons why this is occurring. Check for the following signs:

  • If your thermostat is switched to ON, switch it back to AUTO and inspect if that solves the problem
  • If your air filters are too dirty, this may be causing the AC to not cool.
  • Your outdoor unit needs cleaning.
  • The circuit breaker is tripped.

Can my AC compressor be repaired?

If you find yourself in the situation of a broken compressor, think about the following options and what is most convenient for you.

  • Replacing the compressor
  • Replace condensing unit
  • Replace the indoor evaporator coil and the condensing unit
  • Replace the entire heating and cooling system.

How many years do air conditioners last?

Last but not least, how long should you expect your air conditioner to last? The short answer is 15 years. But if you properly maintain your unit yearly, it may last up to roughly 20.

A Top Gun Van on the Job.

Final Thoughts

You see, when it comes to air conditioning maintenance in North Richland Hills, TX, you can’t go wrong with yearly checkups! Call the trustworthy team at Top Gun Heating And Air, LLC at (682) 214-0431 and ensure your air conditioner is up and running year-round.