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Heating Repair

Around the Clock Heater Repair & Annual Maintenance

Top Gun Air’s experienced heater repair technicians are exceptionally trained and certified to work on all heating brands. When Texas gets frigid, you want peace of mind that your heater will be there for you when you need it most. Should you ever need furnace repair, we are available to diagnose and repair your system around the clock.

We recommend that you have your furnace or heater routinely serviced by one of our expert technicians to avoid any unforeseen repair costs. Check out our maintenance checklist below. When it comes to Heating Repair in the Fort Worth area, Top Gun Air will be there for you around the clock. We can even give your last service a second set of eyes. Give us a call today or schedule an appointment.

Benefits of Routine Service and Checkups

  • It will prolong the life of your heating system
  • You will save energy, money, and most importantly time by keeping your system at maximum efficiency
  • Avoid breakdowns and the need for emergency service when it gets cold
  • Keep your system’s warranty in good standing (your warranty may be voided if you do not service the system annually)

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Maintenance Checklist

  • Check & Clean Air Filters

  • Check & Tighten Fan Blades

  • Tighten Electrical Connections

  • Check Incoming Voltage

  • Check Thermostat

  • Check/Flush Condensate Pans, Drains, & Fluids

  • Check Proper CFM (Airflow)

  • Lubricate Motor (If Needed)

  • Take Temperature Readings

  • Check Overloads & Safety Controls

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Furnace Lifespan in Years

  • With Maintenance
  • No Maintenance

Specific Maintenance Tasks

Gas Furnace Specific Tasks:

  • Check Blower Wheel

  • Check All Pressure Switches

  • Check All Venting & Termination

  • Check Ignitor

  • Check & Clean Flame Sensor Rod

  • Check Pilot & Thermocouple

  • Check Gas Pressures - Incoming and Manifold

  • Check Burner Operation

  • Check Limit Operation

  • Check Amp Draw of Fan & Inducer Motors

  • Check Heat Exchanger & Safety Controls

  • Check Gas Condensate Tubing & Traps

Heat Pump & Air Conditioner Specific Tasks:

  • Test Defrost Controls & Sensors

  • Test Lockout Controls

  • Check Sensor Calibrations

  • Check Backup Heat

  • Check Running Amps of Compressor & Fan Motors

  • Check & Clean Indoor Coil (If Needed)

  • Check Outdoor Coil (If Needed)

  • Check Contactors & Capacitors

  • Take Sensor Readings

  • Check Refrigerant Levels

Areas We Service

North Richland Hill Heating Repair

Your home is your home. We want you to be happy you’re home in North Richland Hills even when the winter temperatures creep up. It is important that you choose the best heating repair service in North Richland Hills.

Grapevine Heating Repair

We take great pride in the work we do. Heating repairs can be simple, or complicated at times. Choosing Top Gun Air means you can rely on the best heating repair in Grapevine.

Keller Heating Repair

We have Keller’s best HVAC contractors who are completely licensed, trained, and certified. You could lower your cost and save money by letting us take a look at your heating or cooling system.

Arlington Heating Repair

At Top Gun Air, our heating repair experts deliver quality repairs and maintenance that make sure that your cooling and heating system operates at its maximum efficiency. This not only helps reduce your energy costs, but also mitigates any unforeseen repair costs.

Bedford Heating Repair

It is important to keep your home warm during those cold parts of the year. Our Heating Experts at Top Gun Air can provide you with any of your Bedford heating repairs.

Hurst Heating Repair

In the coldest time of the year Hurst can get pretty frigid. At Top Gun Air our certified technicians will perform you’re the best hearting repair you can find in Hurst. We have the best Air Conditioning technicians in the Fort Worth area.