fort worth air conditioning repair

Fast, professional & thorough. Our work is always up to industry standards. Need after hours service? We are here to meet your Air Conditioning and Heating repair needs any time. Our work is guaranteed, and backed by warranties that extend up to five years on any repair, including labor cost, which means you are fully covered. The best part about that? There is no fine print, or hidden fees. We offer flat rate pricing along with a written work order so you know exactly what kind of service you are getting.

fort worth air conditioning repair

Do you have dirt streaks across the ceiling around your air registers? Then you have an indoor air quality problem. This is common for many folks in Texas, especially if you’re near highways and construction sites. Have family members that suffer from allergies? Considering having someone evaluate your ductwork, filtration, and dust abatement system. There are many solutions out there, and having an expert opinion can smooth out the road to better health and air quality inside your home.


Living in Northern Texas means we deal with the extremes of hot summers and the fierce winters that pelt the DFW area with sleet and ice storms. During these harsh winters, it is important to have a well maintained heating system. Having a well maintained heating system ensures top performance when natural gas prices fluctuate and outside temperature dips into the 20’s. Older furnaces tend to develop cracks in the heat exchanger that can cause deadly combustion gases to circulate through your home. Other problems can cause similar issues such as improper gas/air mixture, improper venting or installation design, along with air leaks around the duct work and air plenums resulting in poor efficiency. Most furnaces come from the manufacturer without ever having the gas valve properly calibrated for the gas pressure in your home. A winter tune-up can save money and lives. Have one of our experienced, certified technicians give you a full evaluation of your heating system for your family’s peace of mind and comfort.


Most people understand the importance of maintaining their personal vehicles on a routine basis. Those same people probably wouldn’t go more than 3 months without having an oil change done on their car. The same maintenance should be considered for your A/C and heating system, yet there are a lot of people who go years without properly maintaining their A/C and heating systems. Most Air Conditioning units run over 3,000 hours during the summer months. This is the equivalent to driving your car over 200,000 miles. Similar to the consequences you suffer from not maintaining your personal vehicle, hesitancy to maintain your A/C and Heating System could result in costly repairs and loss of money from inefficient operation. Call today to have one of our experienced technician perform a thorough inspection and maintenance of your system.